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IMAccess Committed to biology with no borders and accessible to all

Mérieux Développement Mérieux Développement

Addressing public health requirements in developing countries involves making perfectly reliable diagnostic tools available to populations at affordable prices, in line with the sometimes extreme constraints associated with use in the field.

The development of high-performance rapid tests targeting the specific infectious diseases in these countries is an essential form of leverage in the fight against these diseases and the implementation of effective prevention policies.

By setting up IMAccess, Institut Mérieux, in keeping with its tradition, is seeking to place its expertise in infectious disease and its bio-industrial experience at the service of diagnostics accessible to the greatest number.

IMAccess, a 100% subsidiary of Institut Mérieux, is dedicated to the development, production and supply of rapid diagnostic tests, for governments, international health organizations, NGOs, etc.

These tests, complying with international quality standards, focus on diseases which are having a severe impact on developing countries such as AIDS , dengue, meningitis, malaria, Leishmaniasis, etc.

IMAccess essentially relies on research and development teams based in France, Brazil and China, along with the group's expertise in bioproduction and its distribution network.

In order to speed up the development of these products and make them affordable in terms of price, IMAccess has adopted an original social business model, a "not for profit company", reinvesting all its profits into its R&D programs.

With this new company, Institut Mérieux aims to offer a complementary approach in the combat against infectious diseases in developing countries and thus reinforce its public health role worldwide, with no boundaries between North and South.

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