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Innovative immunotherapeutic approaches for fighting cancer and infectious diseases

Transgene Transgene

Transgene, based in Illkirch (near Strasbourg), is listed on the Paris stock exchange (NYSE-Euronext Compartment B). Institut Mérieux has a 55% holding in the company.

Transgene designs and develops therapeutic vaccines and immunotherapy products to treat cancers and infectious diseases.

The company operates in areas of significant need in terms of public health:

  • oncology, with programs on lung cancer, hepatocarcinoma and colorectal cancer,
  • infectious diseases such as chronic hepatitis C and infection by human papillomavirus (considered a cause of cervical cancers).

The products developed by Transgene are based on innovative technological approaches, which consist of stimulating the patient’s immune system using vectors to facilitate the expression of tumor or infectious antigens in the target cells.

Enjoying significant expertise in this field, Transgene's teams focus on the historic MVA (Modified Virus Ankara) platform and also conduct research programs in the field of oncolytic viruses and monoclonal antibodies.

Associated with all these research projects, a (prognostic and predictive) "biomarker" strategy enhances the efficacy of products with a view to personalized medicine.

Among the development programs already underway, four are currently at the Phase II clinical trial stage, with the aim of introducing the first of these products onto the market by 2015.

Two of these programs are the subject of strategic cooperation agreements with Novartis and Jennerex.

With a production unit operated under GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards, Transgene draws on its expertise in the area of bio-production, enabling it to handle batch manufacturing for its clinical development programs and for the initial stages of marketing its products. Transgene plans to complete its vertical integration with the development of its own sales force by 2015.

300 people currently work on Transgene programs, enabling it to provide new solutions to health problems which have no satisfactory answers as of yet.

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