Marc Bonneville, Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Institut Mérieux will be taking over as Chairman of the Alliance for Research and Innovation in the Healthcare Industries (ARIIS). The purpose of this professional organisation affiliated to the French Health Industry Federation (FEFIS) is to break down barriers in private research and promote synergy between drugs, medical technology and diagnostics in both human and veterinary medicine. The ARIIS intends to create an environment which is conducive to innovation in cross-disciplinary health sectors such as digital health, decentralized diagnostics and the One Health concept which encompasses areas such as nutrition and antibiotic resistance.

Marc Bonneville originally trained as a veterinarian. He joined Institut Mérieux in 2013. A specialist in immunology, cancer and infectious diseases, he was formerly director of the LabEx ImmunoGraftOncology, Director of the Pays de Loire branch of the French blood bank, Director of the Nantes/Angers INSERM Cancer Research Center and head of research at the CNRS. He has authored numerous scientific publications and holds collective responsibilities in national and international research.