Because Institut Mérieux believes that its employees are its most precious assets, it is particularly focused on their success and wellbeing.
In connection to its public health mission, this philosophy has inspired HR policies that emphasize employee retention, skills development, and professional adaptation to an ever-changing environment.



Job preservation

Institut Mérieux is committed to preserving its employees, regardless of the circumstances and any economic fluctuations. This commitment is particularly important in the case of acquisitions, when a subsidiary experiences difficulties stemming from an economic crisis in the country, or when certain research projects come to an end.

Supporting internal mobility

Thanks to its international network and the diversity of its expertise, the Institute is able to provide its employees with a number of professional development opportunities through internal mobility, both at the international level and in between companies.

Fostering social dialogue

Institut Mérieux’s companies have a tradition of constructive dialogue with staff representation bodies, which are well-integrated into the Group’s activities.

Training to support professional development

In a rapidly changing scientific and technological environment, Human Resources teams are committed to supporting professional shifts within the Group’s companies and thus helping employees develop new skills.
In order to do so, the Institute invests heavily in employee training, well above legal requirements, particularly through Mérieux Université, which trains employees from all the Group’s companies around the world.



Mérieux Université: inspiring audacity

Founded in 2014, Mérieux Université is the Group’s university: https://merieux-universite.com

A privileged space for innovation and collaboration, Mérieux Université aims to disseminate Institut Mérieux’s humanist and entrepreneurial culture throughout all entities and to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the Group.

To this end, the Mérieux Université designs and runs high value-added global training courses in Management and Leadership. It also offers individual and group coaching.

As an educational referent, Mérieux Université also strives to understand the changes in the businesses and environment of the Group’s companies, to anticipate the associated skills and to support the development of its employees.

Mérieux Université also looks to the outside world to support medical biology and industrial microbiology laboratories in developing their knowledge and professional skills. Whether in bacteriology, mycology-parasitology, biochemistry, endocrinology, clinical biology or antibiotic susceptibility testing, Mérieux Université offers nearly 80 training courses for biologists and laboratory technicians in Lyon and Paris, or in customized formats.

To design, develop and run these programs, Mérieux Université brings together a team of 20 people who are passionate about their mission. Four regional hubs host training sessions around the world: Montcelard/Lyon (France) – Shanghai (China) – Salt Lake City (USA) – Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Increasingly, these courses are also offered remotely, in virtual classes.

Mérieux University’s headquarters are located in the west of Lyon, in the Montcelard domain, a place open to all. For more information on this location, visit: www.montcelard.com





Hubs : Montcelard/Lyon (France) ; Shanghai (China) ; Durham/St Louis (U.S.A.) ; Rio de Janeiro (Brazil).


61 400

training hours for internal audience in 2019



training sessions organized in 28 countries




managers trained in 2019

External audience :


sessions organized in 2019


1 000

customers trained