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A keen advocate of biology without borders, Institut Mérieux is committed to supporting research in emerging countries.
With this aim in mind, it created the Young Investigators Awards which reward young and promising researchers and investigators in emerging and developing countries.

Every year, prizes worth €10,000 are awarded to young clinicians or biologists with less than 15 years’ postdoctoral experience who have contributed to achieving significant advances in public health priority areas. The candidates are spotted by local learned societies who partner with the Institute and its subsidiaries. These societies collaborate with the Institute’s Scientific Council to shortlist the winners and the award ceremony is arranged to coincide with the societies’ annual congress.

An important focus today for Institut Mérieux is bacterial resistance, a major public health issue worldwide, particularly in developing countries.


Since the awards were created in 2012, 10 young researchers from Africa, Latin America and Asia have been honored.

The study of antimicrobial resistance mechanisms, the evaluation of the prevalence of bacterial resistance to antibiotics and the implementation of remedial action are the main subjects of research.

In the longer term, the Institute plans to widen the scope of these Young Investigators Awards to other scientific fields such as oncoimmunology, vaccinology or microbiotas.