Institut Mérieux actively supports French research in biology and works to spread its influence throughout the world.


For example, Institut Mérieux is a founding member of Lyonbiopôle, a global competitiveness cluster in the field of biology, as well as BIOASTER, a Technology Research Institute in the field of Infectiology, created in 2012 as part of the French government’s “Investment for the Future” program.

BIOASTER brings together major health companies in the Rhône-Alpes region as well as representatives of French academic research to conduct interdisciplinary research at the crossroads between basic research and industrial development. Collaborative projects are being conducted in four main areas in the fields of microbiology and infectious diseases: vaccines, antimicrobial agents, diagnostics, and microbiota. Each project benefits from the best in academic research, a high-level team of scientists and engineers, and cutting-edge equipment and technology infrastructure.

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