VIVA TECHNOLOGY PARIS: Institut Mérieux’s Challenge

lauréat viva technology 2016


Institut Mérieux participated in VIVA TECHNOLOGY, an international technology event that took place from June 30 to July 2, 2016 in Paris.
During this event, Institut Mérieux launched an innovation challenge for startups: “’One Health’ in action with connected diagnostics and big data”.

A number of startups responded to the challenge, and the winning company was i-Nside, based in Strasbourg, France. The prize included:
– A €50,000 convertible loan from Mérieux Développement, the Institute’s investment company
– €30,000 in coaching from Mérieux Université (“Transforming innovation into a profitable and sustainable business “)
– Privileged access to Institut Mérieux’s network of companies


The start-up i-Nside based in Strasbourg is using visual recognition solutions to build an accurate medical diagnosis platform. Through its patent portfolio, applied artificial intelligence systems, and sustainable mobile technology, i-Nside is bringing reliable and cost-efficient medical devices to physicians and patients all over the world including traditionally underserved markets like some parts of Africa, Asia, and South America.
First application is acute otitis: with a small device, one can attach to any smartphone, i-Nside is taking professional-grade medical images of the human ear and use them to diagnose problems.

i-Nside is achieving 99% accuracy in identifying ear problems with this visual diagnostic tool.
i-Nside have already partnered with the worldwide leader of endoscopic tools Karl Storz for distribution and is working with Clarifai  on the artificial intelligence systems.
Following a successful validation of the proof of concept using partnerships with external providers, the award money will be leveraged by internalizing the next development of the artificial intelligence algorithm and by launching the commercialization.