As a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, Institut Mérieux works constantly to push the boundaries of biology to improve the quality of patient care and consumer health around the world, thanks to dedicated employees from different cultures with wide-ranging skills, all driven by the same passion.




Institut Mérieux and its companies all have the same long-term vision and are committed to respecting the values shared by all employees.


Public health
  • Serve the greater good
  • Place the patient at the center
  • Meet global public health needs and the specific needs of each country

Social commitment
  • Provide the poorest of the poor with access to high-quality treatment and clinical biology all over the world, in partnership with the foundations
  • Engage in socially-responsible activities that support progress in science and research
  • Train employees and support their career development, transmit expertise

Biology without borders
  • Maintain a global outlook and open up geographic borders
  • Push the boundaries of science and technology: promote multidisciplinary approaches and partnerships
  • Be open to different cultures and new ideas

A deep-rooted history
  • Prioritize a long-term vision
  • Remain independent
  • Perpetuate the Mérieux family history founded on enduring values: continuity, loyalty, presence, respect for people, etc.

A pioneering spirit
  • Aim for excellence
  • Investigate new areas (geographic, technological, scientific, etc.)
  • Innovate in all fields
  • Be bold and courageous, know how to bounce back and adapt
  • Take risks and be accountable
  • Stand with one’s team in success and failure